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SportsTimer Event

5.03 usd

SportsTimer Event, a timekeeping app, offers up to 100 stopwatches for different types of event. If youre in charge of timing multiple participants at once, this versatile app is up to the challenge.SportsTimer Event is based on the SportsTimer Pro app, but offers now a extended number (12 --> 100) of parallel stopwatches.Youll use it for a larger race or event. It supports simultaneous recording of up to 100 participants, and its easy to set up. Before you start, enter the number and name of each participant (by typing or accessing them in your devices contact list). You can time each athlete individually, the entire event at once, or by an interval phase. A preparation phase is also supported by a countdown function.As the event is in progress, check the intermediate standings with the "hotlist" function. You can document the event by saving to history list or exporting the intermediate and final results to your SD card.
- General - Simultaneous recording of interim and final results of up to 100 participants - Organization of participants - Naming option for participants - Direct text input - Select a contact. -> Shows name and image - Save configuration - Events can be classified wit three labels - Results saving to CSV file - event (name, label), - date, - name of participant - Timing - Start Options - Manual start of each participant - Simultaneous launch of all participants - Automatic purging start of all participants - Optional countdown before total / interval Start - Simultaneous recording of - interim and - final results - Hotlist shows the ranking
Sharing options -Save results to SD-card in csv-format -Sharing results via email, twitter etc
Interface options
- Setup orientation mode - Setup timing format: Set your numbers of digits or add day information - Choice specific timermode as startscreen